5Star F100 Official USB Driver

In this page we will share Download link of 5Star F100 USB Driver and How to Install the driver. Recently we found that lots of website providing mobile firmware, driver and flashing process but most of the time we found that uploaded file are wrong or not working.

Nowadays 5Star mobile company have huge of models in the market. Following USB drivers available one for downloading songs, media, picture and others drivers for flashing your device. Today we are providing popular 5Star F100 USB Driver for 5Star mobile.

This driver is required during flashing your 5Star mobile by any type of Flashing box or taking backup from your mobile personal data, this driver can be use for flashing your 5Star F100. This driver is collected from official source.

Download 5Star F100 USB Driver

  Download 5Star F100 – CDC Driver (15.32 KB)

  Download 5Star F100 – ADB river (8.27 MB)

How to Install 5Star F100 USB Driver

  1. Download and extract the driver
  2. Open Device Manager and Click on Add the Legacy Hardware
  3. Click Next
  4. Select “Install the hardware that manually select from a list”
  5. Locate the extracted driver manually
  6. Click Add
  7. Congratulation your driver is now installed

Please Note:

  • This is the 5Star F100 Official USB Driver and it’s works only for 5Star mobile. This driver will not work with other than 5Star Mobile.
  • This 5Star Android Driver is only work for Windows computers only (Windows 7 and Later versions).

If you want to download drivers for any other models of 5Star mobiles then click here and If you want to download firmwares for 5Star mobiles then click here.

If you have any issue with installing the driver or any other issue feel free to comment below we will try answer as soon as possible.