Jio just Cheating with customers as they promise

Jio just Cheating with customer

Reliance Jio announced that all LYF and Samsung limited models user will be with preview offer up to 90 days. In this period all user may use unlimited data , voice and jio app. There is no cap or barring of usage all is unlimited plan but Jio just Cheating with usJio just Cheating

Suddenly Jio preview offer is migrated  to Welcome Offer. This is a limited offer only 4GB per day allotted for 4G speed after 4GB, user will be access unlimited internet by 1Mbps speed.



Reliance Jio unexpectedly migrate LYF Preview offer to Welcome Offer after Sept 2016, Jio never announce that this preview offer will be change or migrate to any offer without any notice before they promice of 90 days of period, Jio sim only available with LYF handset so initially Jio force to buy LYF hanset for getting Jio preview offer. Jio smartly taking full advantage of generating huge amount of consumer by selling Lyf handset with Preview Offer, Every user by LYF a most lowest quality outdated handset due to this preview offer, Ofcourse there is no alternative service provider is alive to provider unlimited 4G data, SMS and voice service all over India without any terms and condition,

After September 5 Jio migrated their preview offer user to welcome offer and voiding their promises for Unlimited data, sms and voice during this preview offer,

One question is raise “Why customers who paid money for 4G sim by purchased LYF mobile with Preview Offer” but there is no answer for this question,

What is our responsibility ?

Reliance Jio and Reliance CDMA (rcom) is going to same way as they are from couple of month. No commitment will be continue with customer so we have to take action against this migration, Take a complain ageist there migration and write something about our opinion to any blog or site.

Geeky Says to a blog

“Finally a genuine report on jio’s atrocity. Jio beyond doubt has clearly cheated LYF-JIO preview customers. Customer care defend it by saying even at 16kBps its still unlimited. What a stupid thing to inform customers as though the customer have no idea about data transfer rates. Customer care of jio is worse, they dont answer calls for atleast 45 mins. I can only imagine the number of complaints they are receiving. One Customer care executive even told me that they are receiving many complaints on the matter.

Jio is poorly prepare. Handles customers poorly. They are like bots programme to repeat Ambaní’s announcement that all preview users will migrate to welcome offer.

I am no longer excite about Jio. They did this to be minority LYF customers, so its definitely not about QoS. They just couldnt care less. I am sure they would introduce many limitations to unlimited calls, unlimited night internet.

They will put a star and say UNLIMITED CALLS TO JIO NETWORK, others you have to pay. UNLIMITED NIGHT DATA but FUP of 1kBps applies.

Ambani thinks he is the only educated person in India and can fool people with this policy. Even his brother did something similar, I guess, which took his network to the ground. I remember so many people complaining and getting court orders bcoz of their some fine-print stuff “

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  1. Harry says

    Thanks for the heads up.

    1. Firoz Baba says

      I have just taken a sim, four days back and it says recharge as your limit expired. It is 20th Nov. only.

      1. admin says

        Dont worry, This is not serious issue after activation it will be automatically upgraded to 4 Gb Unlimited per day data offer and unlimited caLL.

  2. ren says

    Bought lyf bz of unlimited offers anyway cheated thought 4GB enough for one day but if we watch hd it’s not enough use the benefits how much we can throw the sim

    1. admin says

      you’re absolutely right “Ren”

    2. Suresh says

      Bought mifi device on August 17th said unlimited data 4g for 90 days without out FUP but with in a month they changed to welcome offer with 4 Gb limit in that 4 Gb limit also cheated renvel of data will not be at day starting I will take 24 hrs ,if u used 4gb data by 10 pm u should Wait until next day 10 pm to to get 4gb data again waste of 3000

  3. Babu says

    Who told yiu guys to believe reliance. Once you got a blow. Then again you shall not fall in trap. Whatever reliance bring to you will end up in headache for you. Please move off from their cheating offers. Remember all services are paid and have reasonable margin for any company. Nothing is free

  4. Lalu says

    When I send 50 sms it says i’ve came to today’s limit for sms..isn’t it cheating? Why is that? I don’t know

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