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Lenovo K4 Note Mic Solved

Hi today we are going to resolved Lenovo K4 Note Mic Problem. This is lenevo’s mobile manufacturer issues. We found that most of the K4 note have same microphone issues when video recording audio are working perfectly. After long time hard working we found perfect and hassle free solution.Lenevo K4NoteRequirement only one piece of Samsung nice . And just soldered all pin as shown as below picture . We have tested this for several K4 note and all case we found that this is the simplest and easy way to resolved this issue without failed.

K4 note mic


  1. Sunn says

    Thanks it is work for me

  2. abdul wahid mondal says

    solvd my lenovo k4note mic

  3. Dulal Ahmed Dulal says

    Thanks Sir its good working

  4. Siva Murali says

    It is the possible sir

  5. Siva Murali says

    How It is the possible sir……?

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