LG showed 18″ amazing display you can roll up

In this modern world nothing is impossible,world first display system was cathode ray tube in 1922 monochrome and color cathode ray tube in 1954 after before half and century  (approx 2000) CRT becomes LCD, Liquid crystal display system has replace old CRT display. now we are using most popular display system LED it is Light Emitting Diode technology more powerful and more resolution with low power consumption.

Now world most top electronics company going to launch unbelievable roll-able color display. now LG builds  forward-looking OLED work focusing on roll-able, bendable and curving display. The company showed last year as a proof of their concept. This Display can be use all type of product like mobile phone , television, Monitor etc.Now LG looks ready to show the world,



We have to wait for more days for this product


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