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Redmi 3S / 3S prime 4G Jio VoLTE Issue Solved

Redmi 3S / 3S prime is most popular mobile handset in Indian market and there are several issue found. Most of Jio VoLTE now showing or call ended found during 4G calling. Redmi 3S, 3S Plus and 3S prime all models are VoLTE supported mobile handset. Mostly Reliance Jio supported handset but due to some technical issue VoLTE not working properly. We have provide all supported handset list in our previous post if you not read please follow this link for know about VoLTE supported handset list VoLTE Handset


In this article we are going to discuses how to resolved VoLTE issue for Xiomi Redmi 3s or 3S prime. Please read carefully all step before you do this. This solution is work both of Redmi 3S and Redmi 3S prime.

Please follow bellow mentioned  instruction step by step.

  1. Open setting from your Redmi 3s or 3S prime handset.
  2. Now click on “Sim card & Mobile Network”
  3. Checked here for VoLTE enable or Disable (enable it if Disabled).
  4. Click on the arrow of Jio 4G.
  5. Now you can see access point name option click on it.
  6. On button of screen you can see new apn click on it.
  7. Now You just type “Jio 4G” on Name section.
  8. Next type “jionet” on APN section.
  9. Save it by clicking more and then save.
  10. Go back three step or previous page.
  11. Now disable VoLTE option and re enable it.
  12. That is all,  now VoLTE showing on your screen top of right side.

This is a video tutorial for who dos not succeed or who want to take a video prof for this tutorials.

Please note All solution and trick or tips are tested by our expert. If you found any difficulty during any step or any stage please share your issue or suggest for better serve to you

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  1. How can u do it?

  2. How can u do it? Good post….

  3. I tried all steps mention above, still, I am not able to see VOLTE icon on mobile which is Redmi 3s Prime.
    Current MIUI version is 8.0

  4. I got volte.. Initially i cant do jio call but i update to new version and restart phone.. It showing volte on top and jio calling enabled

  5. it did work but the the problem is it automatically gets in Data ON mode even if it is OFF which results in the drain of battery and if you reset the Access point then their is no Data connection in the phone. No internet. How to solve the problem this problem ?

    • Click on internet (original/default network profile )after resetting the access point. Make sure it turns blue.You will get internet after a few minutes.

  6. thanks worked for me

  7. After doing all the things, VoLTE not working

  8. Swastik Chatterjee

    After you follow those steps mentioned above , just restart the phoine………. You will we VOLTE or HD written on the top most part of the screen………

  9. I followed all the above mentioned steps but still issue not resolved. What should I do ?

  10. After this solution volte is showing in bar. But it not showing all time.but mobile data automatically on when i don.’t turn on data connection. My handset is redmi 3s.plz help me sir.

  11. How to enable Volte ? But I have tried your instruction you given ? But still I didn’t get ? Please anyone one help me

  12. Very good post solved my problem Volte appear on screen

  13. Thanks for your solution
    Raman slg

  14. How to switch off the data sir??
    Plz help because the battery gets drained out quickly and the mobile gets heated.

  15. I just found out the solution.
    You just need to set the apn type as default.

  16. i ma facing problem when caling to any JIO number from my JIO …it’s showing CALL ENDED with in a mili second ..
    But to other network no its connecting with in 1 second.
    can any 1 help and solve about my JIO to JIO calling problem
    Device- REDMI 3S

  17. Jio full network but still connection speed is not shown in redmi 3s and Internet not working

  18. Thank u it’s Working

  19. working but turns off when restarted

  20. I was facing similar kind of problem. After following the above said methods my data is always on though my mobile data connection is off. VoLTE is showing, I can make a call & use Jio 4G net,But the problem is that data is always on as a result affecting the battery life & showing heating issue

  21. Awesome tricks…thnks a lot.

  22. thank you

  23. Thank u frndx.. my problem solved… Now my phone showing volte on top right side and I am able to make calls also.. thank u very much..

  24. Volte is not working for me.

  25. This is really working for me Thank u volte is not disappear even i of or on my phn

  26. Volte is not working for me

  27. Hi I’m a Redmi 3s user for 7 months.i was using volte without any problem,but for the past 1 week I was not able to enable volte. In settings under sim cards and mobile network, between mobile data and set data plan there is not VoLTE enable or disable option. please get me a solution for this.

  28. Hey thank you, it worked for me -redmi 3s prime miui8

  29. My Volte is working

    But i have only problem with jio to jio calling

    Jio to others outgoing is going well

    But in jio to jio i didnt connect and reciver got miss call

  30. Mere mi redmi 3s mobile me jio ka network kavi aata hai to kabhi jata hai Iska solutions btao plz

  31. i have issue in calling with jio sim in my Redmi 4A,however internet is working fine
    admin pls help

  32. please do this and update u r mi software to miui global 8.5 stable (Malmied)

  33. thanks…it works!!!

  34. My Volte is working

    But i have only problem with jio to jio calling

    Jio to others outgoing is going well

    But in jio to jio i didnt connect and reciver got miss call
    redmi 3s phone

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